Sebastian Zelonka

UI Developer

Front of the frontend developer

I'm Sebastian Zelonka, UI developer with an strong background on design and A11Y (accessibility), working from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have 10+ years of experience on Digital Products and I've worked on several projects from different industries: B2B, B2C, Non Profit Orgs, Volunteer.

I like starting new endeavors and challenges.

I love to discover, learn and understand problems to find simpler solutions.

UX Consultant

Define customer experience vision and success criterias to have amazing experiences around your products to create happy customers.

UI/UX Design

Follow the User Centered Design process to define, create and test great User Interfaces and flows that are easy to use.

FrontEnd Dev

Handcrafted websites to improve online presence working with high standards providing mobile and accesible sites.

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